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Grand Teton Yellowstone Winter, Scenic Wildlife Photography Special

Feb 1 -8, 2014

Grand Teton, Yellowstone Photo workshop


Winter in Yellowstone, steaming geysers, boiling hot springs and possibly the best winter large mammal photo opportunity on the planet make this a special trip. We will put you in the best locations and show you how to bring home incredible images from the wonderland of Yellowstone in winter .And on this trip we will move on to Grand Teton and Jackson Hole one of the most scenic mountain ranges in North America.

Old Faithful in winter Yellowstone
Yellowstone Bighorn sheep Winter
Yellowstone winter Bison
winter wold


During your time in Yellowstone we will concentrate on capturing the essence of winter in the world's first National Park. From pre dawn to after the last twilight we will hunt for images of the beauty of this land in the grip of winter. We will visit the steaming geysers and thermal areas of Norris geyser Basin and the interior of the Yellowstone. You will photograph Old Faithful, Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone and the winter wilderness of Hayden Valley. This will all be done from our warm secure modern private snow coach where you can quick escape the coldest extremes to warm and secure yourself and equipment.

Wolf and Bison Yellowstone winter

Of course we will also photograph the wintering home of ice rimed Bison, Elk, Moose, Coyotes, Bighorn Sheep, Mule Deer, Pronghorn Antelope,Trumpeter Swans, and Bald Eagles. Our quest will include the master of all hunters, the charismatic wild wolf. Our hunting ground will be the wonderland of Yellowstone in winter with steaming thermal areas, frost covered wildlife, pristine snow covered wild lands. This will not be as easy as autumn elk, Florida shore birds or Bosque snow geese but if you have dreamed of photographing wild wolves I feel this is your best chance.

Grand Canyon of yellowstone in winter Yellowstone winter hot spring Yellowstone winter Yellowstone Winter trees

After leaving Yellowstone we will photograph our way to Jackson Hole and the most scenic mountain range in North America the Teton Range center piece of Grand Teton National Park. But Jackson Hole and the area surrounding Grand Teton National Park is about more that photographing the mountains. Jackson Hole is a fabulous winter range for thousands of Elk, many Bison, Mule Deer, Moose and other wildlife.

Elk Refuge Jackson Hole

Jess has been living, photographing, guiding and instructing in the Yellowstone eco-system for over 30 years. Jess spends over a hundred days a year photographing Yellowstone and its wildlife. Thousands of his award winning Yellowstone photographs have appeared in publications such as National Wildlife, Sierra, Defenders of Wildlife and Sports Afield. Jess's wild wolf images have appeared in prestigious publications such as National Wildlife, Smithsonian, Defenders of Wildlife, Backpacker and many more including Ken Burns recent hit production " National Parks, Americas Best Idea". While most tour leader come to Yellowstone for a few short weeks a year we are attuned to the local conditions and keep up to date on the wildlife activities by daily contact. In addition we have a vast network of local friends who are constantly reporting to us on wildlife activities.This is your chance to learn from that vast base of experience.

The snow coaches I have arranged for normally carry 10 to 12 passengers, we will have a maximum of 6 so that there is plenty of room.

As with all wildlife photography there are no guarantees of photographing wolves but we have had many days of photographing wolves during the years I have been doing winter in yellowstone tour.

$3595. tour and snow coach, lodging and transportation from your pickup at 1 pm in Bozeman to taking you to the Jackson Airport near noon the last day.

Single Supplement $350.


$500 deposit holds your place.

For this trip we recommend you arrive in Bozeman the Saturday before your Sunday morning pickup (7 AM) for our short trip to Yellowstone. You will be taken to the Jackson Hole airport around noon on the final day of the trip for your return flight home.


To hold you place contact us at 208-521-5170 or Jess@JessLeePhotos.com


Yellowstone hot spring in winter


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