Arizona Cowboys

Cowboy moving Longhorn cattle during my Arizona Cowboys Spring workshop.

Longhorn Cattle in Arizona

Arizona cowboy

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Photographing Predators

Black wolf on the hunt

Yellowstone winter Wild Wolf

The first snow has come and melted. It will be repeated again and again over the next few weeks until the land is covered by its winter blanket. Now is when Wolves, Coyotes, Foxes and the Cats will hunt hard to feed their young and put on weight for the lean months ahead.

This is the time for wildlife photographers to  capture predator images. The animals will be in their winter coats clean and un ruffled. They will be easier to see in the snow covered land. These hunters will look stunning in the images you capture. All it takes is time, early mornings, late nights, big glass, driving icy roads and knowledge of the places you hunt for the hunters. Easy right?

Places like Yellowstone, the Tetons and of course the Parks of the Canadian Rockies will be the most productive hunting grounds for photographing the big predators.

Of course you may not have wolves out your back door. But  don’t overlook places close to your home. Look for locations where you can spend time to learn where the predators live and how they behave. There are few places in the Americas that do not have  Coyotes nearby. They are weary and that will help you hone your skills to capture great predator photos in winter. If you want to learn more about Predator Photography in Winter check out my new Yellowstone winter workshops. Or just keep reading the next articles.

Next time I will talk about cameras, lens and the other gear that will help you to capture great winter predator photos.

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Autumn in Yellowstone

Yellowstone photo workshop

Autumn in Yellowstone

The times are changing. The days have cooled. Snow is in the air. It is the time for wildlife once again in Yellowstone.

To see the current schedule of trips check here  

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Arizona Spring

Spring cattle drive in Arizona

Arizona Cowboys

Spring flowers, Cowboys driving long horn cattle, great scenery and wild horses all in one photography workshop. What a great way to spend a week in March.

Arizona spring Cowboys, wild flowers and wild horses Join us in March



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Monument Valley Storm Photography


Moonsoon storm in Monument Valley

Storm Photography in Monument Valley

The monsoon season in Monument Valley can produce the most dramatic images to be taking by Landscape photographers.

Join me for this great workshop

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Alaska Bear Photography Workshop 2017 #1

Brown bear in Alaska stream

Alaska Brown bear crossing stream

I am just back from another great Alaska Brown Bear Photography workshop at Lake Clark National Park. It is amazing that after nearly 20 trip to this place I can come back with new images. Bears are such characters that they seem to always provide something knew. I am already planning for next year. If you want great bear photos check it out here.




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Brown Bears Alaska

Flowers and bears

Brown bear in the flowers at Lake Clark


Late June  Alaska. The best time for Brown bears at Lake Clark N.P.

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Yellowstone Winter

Grand Prismatic Hot Spring winter

Breaking winter storm Mid way geyser basin

One of my favorite places photograph during my Yellowstone winter photo workshop. I do have very limited availability. You can check it out here.

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Dusty Cowboy

Cowboy in the dust

Ok It is not the most creative title but I like the photo.

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Photographing Iceland


Iceland iceburg beach


Black sand beaches, Icebergs fresh from the glaciers, and a bit of brisk weather out of the north Atlantic. What could be more fun?

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