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Island in the sky sunrise


Sunrise at Mesa arch

Mesa Arch. Canyonlands Arches National parks photography workshop


A good man passes

rest in piece

rest in peace

A salute to David Stoecklein. He showed us the way.
Rest in Piece, Dave.


Arches by Moonlight


Arches N.P. by moonlight.

Light painting by the good old moon. It is amazing how bright the moon is when the conditions are right. I am starting my Autumn Arches and Canyonlands workshop tomorrow so I had a chance to do a little scouting after I arrived in Moab this afternoon. It looks to be an exciting week coming up with a chance for great storm clouds. Stay tuned.


Rainy Sundays and new trips.

Moose Photo

Teton Moose in Autumn

We have had a lot of rain in the Yellowstone/Teton country the past few days. While it keeps us from seeing the grand mountains it makes the wildlife more active and the colors more intense than those sunny blue sky days.

I have added a couple of new workshops at One Yellowstone winter and one summer in the southwest during the thunder cloud season.
I have not added the Arctic Northern lights trip the first week of March since it almost full but if your interested let me know since I have one opening at this point.


A Grand Place


Grand storm over the canyon

Cliche, yep that is what it can be. For over twenty years I refused to shoot here because it was “Over shot”.
Thankfully I am over that ;)



White Rim Overlook Canyonlands National Park,Utah

Canyonlands National Park overlook.

Canyonlands overlook of the White Rim. I still have a couple of openings on this fun trip. It will be prime time for Mesa Arch and starlight and light painting photography. By November in the Canyon country the light becomes softer and there could even be a chance of snow!


Cool times

Northern Lights

Northern light and moon rise from my Alask Northern Lights workshop

I was just working on next years Northern lights workshop while I am here in the Arizona heat and thought everyone would like to see something a little cooler.


Canyonlands and Arches in November

Photographer in Canyonlands

Photographing Mesa Arch

Mesa Arch is a pretty cool location and this guy couldn’t get close enough. Thankfully he didn’t go over the 1500 foot drop on the other side.


Wire fences and meals on wheels.

Grand Teton

Crossbuck Fence Wyoming

I always felt these old jack fences were one of the most charming things about Jackson Hole and Grand Teton National park. They remind me of the old days with this land was home to big ranches settled on a dangerous frontier. Today these fences are being ripped out. Destroyed in the name of wildlife management. After 150 years of wildlife migration through the valley it has been decided that these remnants of a culture past need to go.

Damn stupid if you ask me! I am all for preserving our wildlife but there are ways to accomplish wildlife conservation and preserve things from the past. What about the simple concept of putting in a fence the current bureaucrats think is more wildlife friendly every few hundred yards? Naw, it is easier to destroy a reminder of the past. Maybe, just maybe, we can remove the idea that this land was settled by men of great courage and self-reliance who built fences from the the material at hand.
Of course that is silly, time moves on, the wooden boardwalk sidewalks are slippery, a log fence might slow down a migration that has been going on for 150 years.

Who knows what is to come. Maybe they will build a bicycle path in a place that is suppose to be the home of predators who chase things that run away from them. UMMM

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Greatest show on earth.

Wildebeest migration

Truly the greatest show on earth.

We had waited a long time for this moment, photographing lion cubs playing with their tails, chewing on their moms ears, elephants bathing at sunset, cheetahs forever on the hunt as we reviled at their clever ambushes. But this was what we had come for; just to feel the earth move as the Wildebeest, Zebras, and Impala crossed the plane was a experience beyond belief.

Yet we waited, each with our own thoughts, watching the event unfold. The movement across the miles of grassland and the heat had taken its measure on the now thirsty herds. But the migrants knew of the danger that lay in the water, for the Crocks were hungry too.