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Back from Arches and looking forward

Icebergs from Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon on the black sand beach at sunrise.
Icebergs from Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon on the black sand beach at sunrise.

Hi, I am finally back in the office after a fun trip to do milky way photography in Arches and Canyonlands and will share some images from them but I want first to share one of our guides photos from the upcoming Iceland Photo workshop. I am really excited to be able to do this trip and be guided by  local photographer, Chris Lund.
here is a link to this awesome trip

Spring fun in Alaska.

Some of our guides in Alaska tease me about wanting to photograph cubs. Now why would anyone want to photograph cubs?

Cubs at play
Alaska bear cubs

After that photo I am sure many people will think it is dangerous to be so close to the cubs and Mom will get us. The fact is AT THIS PLACE AND TIME mother grizzlies like us to be nearby. Yep that goes against everything you have heard but the biggest threat to these bears at this time is male grizzlies. They will kill the cubs so Mom will go into heat for breeding. The big males will stay way when we are nearby because they don’t want to be around people.
So when we are around photographing the cubs the mom feels safe to relax and feed.

Alaska Grizzly family
Mom feeding while cubs play

Looking around the web I might have this trip priced to low. At least for now.

Alaska bear photography workshop


Blood Moon over Wickenburg Arizona

Total Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon over Wickenburg Arizona
So what is a Blood Moon?
During the eclipse the sunlight striking the moon turns red from passing through the earths atmosphere just like a sunset. Simple enough,for me anyway.

It was fun to be out shooting the moon except for getting up at 3AM. Thankfully, Mickey D’s was open for coffee and the traffic was light. So fortified with caffeine I stood in the middle of main street to make this photo. Needless to say Wickengburg’s main street (or any street) is not exactly busy at 4:45 AM.

As soon as I made this shot I raced into the desert to line the moon up with a couple of pre scouted Saguaro Cactus. When I arrived clouds were covering most of the moon but I did get a shot and a bit of practice for the next Blood Moon which some think with be the grand finality. It should make a hell of a shot.

Wildflower preview

Beautiful Landscapes by Jess Lee Photography
Beautiful Landscapes by Jess Lee Photography

It looks like we will be seeing scenes like this in about a month here in Arizona. It has been a few years since we have had a great bloom but the autumn and winter rains have been good and the desert is green in many places and ready to bloom. If you want to join us and find some great locations and get training on improving your landscape photography vision I have 2 openings, due to a cancellation, on this trip.

New year, new workshops

Milky Way from Green River overlook
Milky Way from Green River overlook

I hope you have all had a good holiday season. It was a busy one for us. We left home the day after Thanksgiving for the Cowboy Christmas show in Las Vegas and only returned to Arizona for two days during the next six weeks. It was fun (sometimes), cold, warm, snowy, dry, tiring and exciting. All of the things a road trip should be including Christmas at our place just outside West Yellowstone Montana, visiting kids and meeting a tow truck driver that towed and fix my van on New Years day.

It is good to be back in Arizona even if it is only for another week before I head back to Yellowstone for another private workshop. While here I have been getting the 2015 workshop schedule together so check it out here.

There are a couple of special trips (of course they are all special) like a exclusive African tent camp and Jaguars of the Pantanal.

I will be adding a early Oct Cowboy, Autumn color, Wild horse trip and I am saving time for private workshops.
Remember there is a $100 discount on any trip over $1000 for newsletter subscribers.

Arches by Moonlight

Arches N.P. by moonlight.

Light painting by the good old moon. It is amazing how bright the moon is when the conditions are right. I am starting my Autumn Arches and Canyonlands workshop tomorrow so I had a chance to do a little scouting after I arrived in Moab this afternoon. It looks to be an exciting week coming up with a chance for great storm clouds. Stay tuned.

Rainy Sundays and new trips.

Moose Photo
Teton Moose in Autumn
We have had a lot of rain in the Yellowstone/Teton country the past few days. While it keeps us from seeing the grand mountains it makes the wildlife more active and the colors more intense than those sunny blue sky days.

I have added a couple of new workshops at One Yellowstone winter and one summer in the southwest during the thunder cloud season.
I have not added the Arctic Northern lights trip the first week of March since it almost full but if your interested let me know since I have one opening at this point.