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Wild Horses


Sunset in the west
Wild Horses


While I really like photographing almost anything that to me has the feel of the west where i have lived my life Wild Horses are always a special treat to photograph. They have the feel of freedom and wildness even more that many of our other wildlife species. Maybe that is because they are outlaws, escaping from progress, trying to keep their place in the west they helped to build.
They make me want to capture their spirt in my images. I want my viewers to not only see them but to remember their soft nickers, catch the scent of them in the breeze and feel the hot dry air of a August sunset on the Wyoming plains.


Yellowstone Sunset

Sunset Geyser
White Dome geyser

White Dome Geyser at sunset,

As the roads in Yellowstone and Grand Teton begin to open the photography opportunities increase rapidly. A low snow year like this on should be especially productive this spring.
I do have a couple of openings on my Spring trip due to a cancellation so if your interested in going I am offering a discount to those of you who get my blog or you may be interested in a private day trip. Just drop me a note at

New year, new workshops

Milky Way from Green River overlook
Milky Way from Green River overlook

I hope you have all had a good holiday season. It was a busy one for us. We left home the day after Thanksgiving for the Cowboy Christmas show in Las Vegas and only returned to Arizona for two days during the next six weeks. It was fun (sometimes), cold, warm, snowy, dry, tiring and exciting. All of the things a road trip should be including Christmas at our place just outside West Yellowstone Montana, visiting kids and meeting a tow truck driver that towed and fix my van on New Years day.

It is good to be back in Arizona even if it is only for another week before I head back to Yellowstone for another private workshop. While here I have been getting the 2015 workshop schedule together so check it out here.

There are a couple of special trips (of course they are all special) like a exclusive African tent camp and Jaguars of the Pantanal.

I will be adding a early Oct Cowboy, Autumn color, Wild horse trip and I am saving time for private workshops.
Remember there is a $100 discount on any trip over $1000 for newsletter subscribers.

Wire fences and meals on wheels.

Grand Teton
Crossbuck Fence Wyoming

I always felt these old jack fences were one of the most charming things about Jackson Hole and Grand Teton National park. They remind me of the old days with this land was home to big ranches settled on a dangerous frontier. Today these fences are being ripped out. Destroyed in the name of wildlife management. After 150 years of wildlife migration through the valley it has been decided that these remnants of a culture past need to go.

Damn stupid if you ask me! I am all for preserving our wildlife but there are ways to accomplish wildlife conservation and preserve things from the past. What about the simple concept of putting in a fence the current bureaucrats think is more wildlife friendly every few hundred yards? Naw, it is easier to destroy a reminder of the past. Maybe, just maybe, we can remove the idea that this land was settled by men of great courage and self-reliance who built fences from the the material at hand.
Of course that is silly, time moves on, the wooden boardwalk sidewalks are slippery, a log fence might slow down a migration that has been going on for 150 years.

Who knows what is to come. Maybe they will build a bicycle path in a place that is suppose to be the home of predators who chase things that run away from them. UMMM

Got Ya!

Bob Cat on a winter hunt
BobCat hunting in snow

We had waited for over an hour in near zero temps with only the ears appearing over the snowbank, the sun had passed behind the ridge along the Madison River and he light had gone as cold as the air. Then he chose to start his hunt. We followed him with our lens till he silently disappeared in the forest.

What a way to finsh another great day in Yellowstone