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Denali dance

  1. Finally a chance to post something from my Alaska Photo Workshop. We are in Fairbanks and the northern lights are good.
    Sometimes it is a long wait. Last night we went out at 11, it was slow and people were ready to call an end to a long day that started by photographing Denali almost 300 miles south. I elected to wait a couple of hours. About 1 am things started popping and we had two hours of none stop color. Tonight is suppose to be better 😉
    Feel free to share.

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And the Lady danced.

Northern Lights looking south from near the Brooks Range Alaska

It had been a 22 hour day that brought us to this viewpoint. The conditions were harsh and we were tried. It would have been easy to stay in the cabin after our twilight arrival and a hot meal, but the call of Aurora pushed us on into the sub zero night, on to a location I had discovered during last years scouting trip.

When we arrived there was a ring around the moon and the lights were dim but we knew they could become stronger at any time. The cold was just bearable as the night changed into morning hours. We moved from location to location being teased by the undulations of the glowing sky. We resisted the lure of the warm cabin and a soft bed.

Finally when we were nearly exhausted and half delirious from the cold and lack of sleep Aurora gave us a final glorious burst of dramatic light.
After this image we drove to the cabin with a mostly dark sky where we rested more than we needed. It was cloudy the next four days.

Still we were happy at the end of the week because we had captured a special dance of lady Aurora.

Cool times

Northern Lights
Northern light and moon rise from my Alask Northern Lights workshop

I was just working on next years Northern lights workshop while I am here in the Arizona heat and thought everyone would like to see something a little cooler.

Clams for Breakfast

feeding time
Sow brown bear eating clams while cub watches









This cub is learning how to find and feed on clams on the Alaskan tidal flats. It will only be a few weeks until I take my second group of the year back to the Alaskan coast to photograph Brown Bears. This time we will be in the middle of the salmon run. At this location there are no waterfalls so the bears chase the salmon in shallow water. Think action photos. 😉

Brown Bears here we come

Alaskan Brown Bear Photo 0960


I am really excited to be getting ready to head for Alaska and my Lake Clark Bear Workshop. The report is that three set of mothers with spring cubs have shown up where we photograph. That will make for some great photography now and on my August trip to the same location. The August trip does have a couple of opens as I type.