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Nature, Life and death in Yellowstone

Posted by on May 28, 2014
Life and death

wolf killing elk

7 Responses to Nature, Life and death in Yellowstone

  1. Clay

    For your next article you are invited to photograph a different side of natural section. Caption: Wyoming hunter kills wolf.

  2. Ted Hubele

    Kill the dam Wolves…….. All of them

  3. wendell see

    we need to stay after all the bushy tails to keep the population in check.

  4. brett

    Shoot the damn things

  5. Jesse Richter

    This is a government cop out. Before.there were wolves and they eradicated them. Then more edible animals became abundant. Rather than have u put it in ur freezer and feed u. They say u can not hunt these protected areas. They brought the wolf bac e1 to blame for the.diminished herd of animals. They say we would rather u depend on us than harvestt. Your own food have some gmo its.good 4 u. Or how bout. Steroids and other contaminants its good for u. We made it trust us Haa!

  6. Dave Neadeau

    These are the pictures that everybody needs to see. The wasteful reality of wolves.

  7. Larry Mullins

    Natures way Surviveal of the fittest