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Sand in our shoes.

Posted by on June 3, 2014

Totem and Yei Bi Chei.

Monument Valley sunrise

We had loaded the van in silence, still groggy from a nights sleep that was to short. When we met my friend and guide Ray in the parking lot near the Mittens over look there was not yet a hint of sunrise in the eastern sky, but we had high hopes for things to come.
Soon the suburban rattled and lurched over the torturous road into the core of Monument Valley. We were headed for the scared locations in the backcountry where you are not allowed to go without a native guide. The land of the Totem and Yei Bi Chei.

After many trips into the valley I am still in awe of the beauty and silence as the morning unfolds in this sacred place. My heart beats faster as we quickly walk over the sand dunes now hurrying to catch the best angle of light, I can now see just a hint go orange glowing beyond the monuments.

Setting up our tripods we concentrate on the changing light, sometimes uttering a whisper of awe. I move with the light trying to capture the scene the best I can while helping my student to capture their vision. Then too soon the light becomes harsh and it is time to move to a better location. Walking back to the suburban we now are fully awake to a brilliant day in the heart of Navajo land, looking at each other with a smile on our faces and sand in our shoes we move to the next location.

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