Got Milk?

Nursing cubs from our spring workshop

Nursing Brown Bears








Heading back north next week. I think these little will have grown a bunch in the past two months. I hear they will be feeding on salmon now.

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Cowboy workshop openings

Photographer during Wyoming cowboy workshop

Cowboy photography









We still have a couple of openings on our October Wyoming Cowboy workshop. It is great that some of the photographers from  recently completed spring workshops will be joining us since they know how special these locations are.   If you want to get in on the action at this new location while the images are fresh let me know.

I am excited that we will be doing some new locations here in addition to having autumn color for this shoot but this may be the last time we shoot here since we want to keep our workshop locations from being over shot like they have become at several of the other Cowboy photo shoots.


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More Cowboys

Bucking horse

Cowboy on bucking horse








From our recent Wyoming workshop.

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Clams for Breakfast

feeding time

Sow brown bear eating clams while cub watches









This cub is learning how to find and feed on clams on the Alaskan tidal flats. It will only be a few weeks until I take my second group of the year back to the Alaskan coast to photograph Brown Bears. This time we will be in the middle of the salmon run. At this location there are no waterfalls so the bears chase the salmon in shallow water. Think action photos. 😉

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Sunset Stallions

Wild horse Stallions

Sunset Stallions

We had left a band of paints that were only interested in filling their bellies with grass when in the warm fading light we picked up the sight of the sun bouncing off of the swishing tales of the herd that we knew were more active. There were several lead stallions in the bands that hung together tucked into the small canyon and they kept busy defending their small groups from the other stallions in the herd and the bachelor band that held nearby. After parking the vehicles we slowly walked down the ridge to be in position to capture a few photos before the light was gone. Just as we were about to leave we saw these two boys heading for each other on the faintly golden skyline. With flying dust and hooves we photographed the posturing, pooping, and pawing in the dust until the light was gone.



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Bucked up!

Cowboy and bucking horse in the round pen

Cowboy and bucking horse in the round pen



Our Cowboys worked hard to put on a great show.

Every time we ask them to try something, no matter what, they gave it their best.

Rain,  shine, early or late they worked until we got the photos we wanted.

But what else could you expect from a cowboy?

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Wyoming Cowboys, Lets do it again!

Photographing the west

Workshop members capturing images of Cowboys,horses and a great backdrop

Just one of the great location we choose for our summer Cowboy photo shoot in Wyoming’s Bear tooth mountains.

We will be repeating this trip in October with a couple of days in Yellowstone added to catch the autumn wildlife you can check it out here


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Brown Bears here we come

Alaskan Brown Bear Photo 0960


I am really excited to be getting ready to head for Alaska and my Lake Clark Bear Workshop. The report is that three set of mothers with spring cubs have shown up where we photograph. That will make for some great photography now and on my August trip to the same location. The August trip does have a couple of opens as I type.

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