Photographing Predators

by admin on October 16, 2017

Black wolf on the hunt Yellowstone winter Wild Wolf

The first snow has come and melted. It will be repeated again and again over the next few weeks until the land is covered by its winter blanket. Now is when Wolves, Coyotes, Foxes and the Cats will hunt hard to feed their young and put on weight for the lean months ahead.

This is the time for wildlife photographers to  capture predator images. The animals will be in their winter coats clean and un ruffled. They will be easier to see in the snow covered land. These hunters will look stunning in the images you capture. All it takes is time, early mornings, late nights, big glass, driving icy roads and knowledge of the places you hunt for the hunters. Easy right?

Places like Yellowstone, the Tetons and of course the Parks of the Canadian Rockies will be the most productive hunting grounds for photographing the big predators.

Of course you may not have wolves out your back door. But  don’t overlook places close to your home. Look for locations where you can spend time to learn where the predators live and how they behave. There are few places in the Americas that do not have  Coyotes nearby. They are weary and that will help you hone your skills to capture great predator photos in winter. If you want to learn more about Predator Photography in Winter check out my new Yellowstone winter workshops. Or just keep reading the next articles.

Next time I will talk about cameras, lens and the other gear that will help you to capture great winter predator photos.

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