Photographing Iceland

October 17, 2016

  Black sand beaches, Icebergs fresh from the glaciers, and a bit of brisk weather out of the north Atlantic. What could be more fun?

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Catching up

September 28, 2016

    It has been a incredibly busy summer but now is time to catch up online and with office work. The above photo is from the one night we spent as a group searching for Aurora photos during our recently complete workshop to Iceland. The promise of clear a clear sky quickly faded as […]

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From Wyoming

April 21, 2016

From Wyoming last July.  Time+Place = stunning.

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Back from Mexico

April 20, 2016

This is one of the thousands of great images we captured on our recent “Horses of Kings” photo workshop in Mexico.

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Denali dance

March 8, 2016

Finally a chance to post something from my Alaska Photo Workshop. We are in Fairbanks and the northern lights are good. Sometimes it is a long wait. Last night we went out at 11, it was slow and people were ready to call an end to a long day that started by photographing Denali almost […]

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Back from Arches and looking forward

November 16, 2015

Hi, I am finally back in the office after a fun trip to do milky way photography in Arches and Canyonlands and will share some images from them but I want first to share one of our guides photos from the upcoming Iceland Photo workshop. I am really excited to be able to do this […]

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About grizzly photography.

October 21, 2015

One other thing about photographing bears, They are really fast and strong.  Mothers will kill anything they think will harm their cubs. No photo is worth getting hurt for or even worse getting the bear killed because you did something stupid. Use a REALLY long lens.

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Spring fun in Alaska.

October 20, 2015

Some of our guides in Alaska tease me about wanting to photograph cubs. Now why would anyone want to photograph cubs? After that photo I am sure many people will think it is dangerous to be so close to the cubs and Mom will get us. The fact is AT THIS PLACE AND TIME mother […]

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Wild Horses

August 9, 2015

    While I really like photographing almost anything that to me has the feel of the west where i have lived my life Wild Horses are always a special treat to photograph. They have the feel of freedom and wildness even more that many of our other wildlife species. Maybe that is because they […]

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Nikon 600 F4 E FL First Look, First Morning

July 26, 2015

I had been waiting for this lens to be announced for what seemed like a very long time. I needed a replacement for the Canon 600 I had sold after the first of the year. When the new lens was announced I expected a wait of 3 to 6 months before delivery but was pleasantly […]

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