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But more than that, just what is a western lifestyle? Is it just a cowboy who actually works on a ranch or so much more?

Leading a western lifestyle includes people want to still feel connected to their roots or the image of the old west and the open range. A western lifestyle is place were you can still have independent thought. A western lifestyle is place were you don't have to be a part of the herd. It is a lifestyle for those who can and will think for themselves and beyond the common knowledge . A western lifestyle is a place in your mind where it doesn't matter what kind or even if you choose to wear a hat or shoes.

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Cowboy-roping-photo Long Horned Cattle
Cowboys in slickers driving cattle
Montana Cowboy's sometime have Western Lifestyle
Long Horned Cattle are a part of Western Life style
Ranch Horses, what could  be more western lifestyle?
Driving cattle in a yellow slicker is not always just a western lifestyle
Horses View Catching-cows-photo Cowboys working cattle Western-saddle-photo
A Horses view of a western lifestyle
Heading em off should be part of your western lifestyle
Cowboys working livestock on horseback is part of the western lifestyle
Western Saddles are truely western lifestyle
Turning the horse herd Roping Cattle Summer range cattle drive grazing horse
Turning the herd is better than just being part of it.
Roping Cattle and keeping them in their place should be part of a western lifestyle
Summer Range Cattle Drive can be one of the things that makes a western lifestyle look easy
Grazing Horses and relaxing on the range should be a part of a western lifestyle
Tough job Cowgirl Bull Fight Horse Tack
Trailer Trouble is always a part of western lifestyle
Range Riding can be one of the most fun parts of a western lifestyle
Bull Fights might makes you reconsider what is important in your western lifestyle
Horse Tack is one of the great pieces of art in a western lifestyle
Cowboy conversation cow herd Cowboy tending the herd roping cattle
Just Talk, well you get the idea by now
Herding cattle and tending to all the herds is part of our western lifestyle
Tending the horses is part of our Western Lifestyle
Roping Cattle is the usual way of rounding them up, not a helicopter.


A western lifestyle is a state of mind, the place where you stick to your guns and right the wrongs of those who can not speak for and defend themselves, not the state where you live, the hat you wear or the truck you drive.



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