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 Jess Lee

Professional Photographer with over 4 decades experience. Contributor to thousands of publications including covers on National Geographic, National Wildlife and many more.
International photography workshop leader, gallery owner with Fine Art Prints represented in galleries through the west.


Selected credits: Audubon, Defenders, Field & Stream, Geo, Los Angeles Times, National Geographic, National Geographic World, National Wildlife, National Parks, U.S. National Park Service, Nature Conservancy, NRDC, Outdoor Life, San Francisco Examiner, Scientific American, Sierra, Sports Afield, Der Stern, Trout, Woman's World, Wyoming Wildlife. Author/Photographer: Fly Fisherman, Das Stern, Rod & Reel, Das Tier, Trout, Western Outdoors. Books: American Geographic, Houghton Mifflin, National Geographic, Time-Life, Riverbend. Calendars: Day Dream, National Wildlife, World Wildlife Fund. Advertising/Corporate: ATT, Autolite, Orvis, USWest. Calendars: Day Dream, National Wildlife, World Wildlife Fund


For me the wonder of wild places and wild things has always been captivating; something to be held sacred, revered and held in trust for future generations. This has always been one of the prime motivators in my drive to capture the wild world. Without a commitment to conserving what we have been gifted with on this planet we only create another pretty picture. Without the goal of preserving what we have, we can only record what was.

My goal is not only to preserve what we have for the future, but to restore what has been abused and misused in the past.

I have worked for decades to advance these goals. Working on many conservation projects from water and stream conservation awareness as a chapter president of Trout Unlimited in the early 1970's to the current battle to not allow wolves and other predators to be removed from our ecosystems and lives. In the years between, I have contributed my photography to many campaigns of restoration and preservation. My work has been used to help bring creatures such as the Grizzly Bear, Bald Eagle and Wolf back from the edge of extinction in our nation. 

Today we are still faced with many conservation challenges. Possibly more than ever before as our culture sinks into only being concerned with" now" forgetting what we do now will forever alter the future.

As I lead my workshops I am often asked," how do I break into the world of nature photography?"

My reply is: " find some place or something near your home that you feel is worthy of saving. Capture it's spirit with your images. Show why it has value to be saved for the future. Photograph it in ways to bring it to life, show the wonder of it's being and do it so well no one will even try to do it better."

Beyond the goal for recognition you should find ways to use your photography talents to help the conservation organizations of your choice. As an example, today in addition to financial contributions I donate fine art images to several conservation organizations as fund raisers. I lead a photography workshop for the Yellowstone Association with the proceeds going to advance projects within Yellowstone National Park. I donate a seat in one of my workshops to be given as the Grand Prize in the Defenders of Wildlife photo contest.

If through your photography you can even in a small way help preserve or restore just one place or one thing you will be a successful nature photographer.

About Jess

 Photo by Carol Lee

Jess’s love affair with photography began in his teens in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains where he was raised in a family firmly rooted in the ranching life of the west. This early passion for being in the outdoors with a camera lead to his doing reconnaissance photography for various US government agency’s during his early 20’s while serving in the military . For over the next 30 years Jess balanced, running a stock photography business, serving as staff photographer on several magazines, raising a family and a career in the communication industry .

However, in 1999 intense desire drew Jess out of the commercial world and deep into the soul of nature along with the heart,sprit and heritage of the West. Jess stepped away from the hectic corporate world and into a place that rejuvenated his spirit. Being in the midst of the wilderness renewed him. It was time to give meaning to his roots and purpose for himself, his western heritage and his wildlife partners.

Jess has learned the nuances and habits of his beloved wildlife companions as they interact together in their natural environment.

“Wildlife, wild country and the beauty of nature that surrounds us is a magnificent teacher of humanity.” Wildlife give us a sense of freedom that many of us have forgotten. They teach us about honesty and trust, because they know no other way of being. Nature and wildlife teaches us to respect and honor the unknown, rather than fear it and try to destroy it.

Jess’s work serves as an homage to the beauty that surrounds us, and gives celebration to our remarkable wilderness areas. Often times referred to as “visual poetry”, Jess’s images truly show the sense of what is wild and free. 

Jess Lee lives in Southeast Idaho, with Yellowstone and the magnificent Teton's in his very backyard. This is his base, where he not only supplies images for publication but he also shares his expertise with others through photo workshops and tours. 


Jess Lee Photography, The Business

Wildlife, Landscape, and Outdoor Recreation Photography is our specialty at Jess Lee Photos. Assignment, Stock, decor photography and Photo workshops/tours comprise the major parts of our business. Here you can view stunning images from one of the worlds most published wildlife and nature photographers. Jess was recently highly acclaimed by Natures Best Magazine and is one of the top money winners in the world's richest photo contest, Images for Conservation. Photographs are available as custom prints to Corporate and individual clients.

My home and business is located a short distance from Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. I have been living, photographing, guiding and instructing in the Yellowstone eco-system for over 30 years. While this is great Nature, Wildlife and Travel destination. I spend over 200 days each year in the field adding to my already large stock file.

Each year a few field trips are shared with a select group of photo adventures during our No Rules Road trips and small group workshops

Editors and art directors can browse here to select images for your latest project. You can click on the e-mail link below to discuss you project and your custom photo needs. For personal attention you can call 208-521-5170 and speak to Jess or one of the staff directly. We daily provide electronic submissions of hi-res print ready files from clients on line selections.



Photo Equipment, gear,toys whatever you call it, most photographers are more interested it the hardware of the business than any single aspect. Ok I've said it STUFF RULES!!
Can you make great shots without the latest great Gear? Of course you can, but try shooting a Great Gray Owl at sunset with you 50mm lens hand held. Think Tripod,Telephoto Lens, E-TTL flash, Flash extender, external battery ....... See,, STUFF RULES!! But you still have to use Stuff with a creative eye to make interesting photos. Get the stuff you need but remember your only subject is light and what it brings to the image.


Currently Is use equipment from the Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Canon systems. I am also constantly evaulating new equeptment as it comes to market.


The most important piece of equipment I own is an alarm clock. Be there early and plan to stay late.

Remember "it's all about the light"

Images and design protected by U.S. And international copyright laws. No right is given to save or download any images or components of this site unless written permission is granted by Jess Lee Photography.
Licensing for use can be arranged by contacting :     jessleephotos@gmail.com
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