White Horses, Lavender Fields of France Workshop 
Lavender, Sunflowers, Horses, intreguing villages and the Glory of South France!
The best of Provence and the Camargue, Southern France Photography Workshop

White Horses of the Camargue, Lusitanos, Lavender and Sunflower fields

June 22nd to July 1st 2020

Summer in Provence is painted in the rich colors of purple and gold as blooming laveder and sunflowers fill the horizon. Our journey to this marvelous land will be filled with midsummer aromas, small quaint villages, olive copses and endless lavender and sunflower fields from one horizon to another. We'll pay special attention to landscapes of the Valensole plateau, with its blue lavender blooms, lone trees in the vast fields, towns and villages. Van Gogh and Picasso created their masterpieces here and we too shall create ours.

To add to the magic we will be presenting you with very special access to the beatiful white horses of the Camargue including rearing stallions, bulls and mares and foals, plus some exquisite Lusitano horses; simply the best of Provence and the Camargue laid out before us. Come along with us for this extra special workshop that will inspire your creativity and stir your soul. We'll stay out of the crowds and take advantage of early morning light and the glorious sunsets of Provence.

Our goal for each photographer during this workshop is to learn and grow. There is no set agenda, becuase each person will bring a differnent skill set to the workshop. You will learn from celebrated Equine photographer Tamara Gooch and long time professional photographer Jess Lee, and our resident professional photographer guide who will all be at your side and shooting with you to show you the best way to help you develop your photography skills. There great photographers at you side to show the way to  understand, appreciate and use light, composition and technique to create captivating photographs. When we first meet, we will take stock of what we think you need to learn, and what you would like to accomplish and build the workshop from that information. We will help with editing of images and demonstrate some Photoshop and Lightroom methods we use, but this photographic experience is about learning in the field and understanding how your vision can make your images have impact to the viewer. This workshop is intended to be low key, inspirational and fun. It is up to each individual as to the amount of instruction they wish to receive. Everyone will see how we set up shots, know our settings, and we will be reviewing your images in camera between shoots. We usually have quite a few lively discussions during our drives to and from locations as well. Post processing will be offered for those interested during our mid-afternoon breaks when time permits.

Day 1 June 22
Arrive Montpelier airport. Transfer to hotel in Aigues-Mortes.
Our first evenings shoot will be the ramparts of the acient city of Aigues-Mortes. Aigues-Mortes is a striking, walled Medieval town sitting on the flat marshes of the Camargue, and is considered the purest example of 13th-century military architecture.

Day 2 June 23
We start in the morning with an indoor shoot of a White Stallion and a Black Stallion using lighting and natural daylight to capture intense portraits of the feisty stallions against a ‘moody’ backdrop. These beautiful trained horses will amaze and delight.
In the afternoon, we photograph the Black Camargue Bulls running through the marsh - thundering through the shallow waters of marshland, their horns held high, as they are herded by the Gardians on horseback – a unique and exhilarating photographic experience.

Day 3 June 24
At dawn, we head to the beach to photograph a black stallion running along the white sand and in and out of the sea ? the black against the white of the beach and sea makes for a dramatic combination.
Late afternoon, we set off to a local ranch to capture portraits of beautiful Lusitano stallions, providing intense images of the stallions against a ‘moody’ backdrop. The shoot is set in an indoor arena, with a fleckle of natural light piercing through to illuminate the horses.

Day 4 June 25
We head back to the beach for a shoot with a single white Stallion. We will photograph him dashing and diving in and around the sea and surf, as well as rearing on the top of the sand dunes, making for a wide range of dramatic action shots.
Late afternoon, we photograph the Wild White horses running through the marsh (marsh with trees and along the dusty road). We shoot several drives with the horses running across and towards your field of view. We will also take shots of the ‘Gardians’ (Camargue Cowboys) dressed in their traditional Camargue shirts & hats, trident in hand, surrounded by the herd as well as some close-up portraits of the ‘weathered’ ranchers.

White Horses of the CamargueLavender Field at sunset Valensole FranceWhite Camargue Stallion Rearing at the beach

Day 5 June 26

In the morning we photograph on the beach with one or two trained horses with photography sessions on the dunes and in the sea.

Late afternoon, we head back to the beach for the ultimate spectacle of the white horses running along the golden sand and in the sea. We then capture the horses in a peaceful lagoon with beautiful reflections as the sun sets.

Day 6 June 27
In the morning we have the unique opportunity to photograph two Camargue Stallions sparring –you will capture fantastic images of these two stallions, as they rear, play and interact.

We then have a photo session with mares with their young foals gently running through the water.

Late afternoon, we return to the beach to photograph the horses, first in the lagoon, then running along the golden sand and in the sea as the sun sets in the surf spray!

Day 7 June 28
To close out the Camargue part of the workshop, a morning visit to the Aigues-Mortes salt marsh by private 4-wheel drive. Here will will have the opportunity to photograph mountains of salt, the magic of the pink lake and a wide array of birdlife and pink flamingos.

Return to the hotel for a final lunch before checking out and heading to Provence.

On arrival, check in to the hotel and take time to unwind and unpack.

Late afternoon we set off for our first shoot to capture the picturesque village, nestled in the hillside, with the sun setting on its old mediaeval stone. We climb to the highest viewpoint to photograph the rooftops as the sun starts to set over the village below with its iconic church dominating the horizon. We also photograph the village from the valley at sunset

White horse of the Camargue White horses of the CamargueWhite Camargue horse with Guardian

Day 8 June 29
At dawn, we set off to photograph the Lavender fields at sunrise in the pale morning light, dotted with small stone shepherd’s huts (Mazet) with the Alpilles mountains as a backdrop.

We return to the hotel for breakfast and time to relax.

In the afternoon, we head back to the stunning Plateau, awash with beautiful blue lavender and sunflowers in full bloom – a sight – and scent – to behold! We end the day by capturing the beautiful sunset over the lavender fields.

Day 9 June 30
At dawn, we head off again to capture the blue lavender, golden wheat and sunflowers, geometrically aligned in the fields, their borders accentuated by almond trees and the villages in the valleys, stretching out as far as the eye can see.
We return to the hotel for breakfast and time to relax.

In the afternoon, we return to the plateau to photograph a single abandoned Mazet set on a sweeping hill of Lavender, as the sun sets.

Day 10 July 1
Back to the hotel for breakfast & check out of the hotel before departing to Marseille, arriving at noon for your departing flight.

Itinerary subject to change

White Horses of the Camargue France

The workshop includes 10 days - 9 nights lodging at 3 and 4 star hotels including breakfast. 18 photography sessions. Instruction, post processing, guiding and transportation while in France.

Cost of the workshop is $6999. Single Supplment (private room) $550. A $3500. non-refundable deposit will hold your spot. The remaining balance is due 120 days prior to the workshop. Those wishing to pay by debit or credit card my do so  via PayPal. Fees apply. If you prefer to mail a check, please contact us at tamaragoochphoto@gmail.com to get the mailing address.

As always I highly recommend "trip insurance" to all of my workshop participants. Please visit the Workshop Booking Information page. I will be happy to share the names of some insurance providers for those interested.

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