Our Team


Jess Lee.........Professional Photographer with over 4 decades experience. Contributor to thousands of publications including covers on National Geographic, National Wildlife and many more.
International photography workshop leader, gallery owner with Fine Art Prints represented in galleries through the west. 


"For me the wonder of wild places and wild things has always been captivating; something to be held sacred, revered and held in trust for future generations. This has always been one of the prime motivators in my drive to capture the wild world. Without a commitment to conserving what we have been gifted with on this planet we only create another pretty picture. Without the goal of preserving what we have, we can only record what was.

My goal is not only to preserve what we have for the future, but to restore what has been abused and misused in the past.

I have worked for decades to advance these goals. Working on many conservation projects from water and stream conservation awareness as a chapter president of Trout Unlimited in the early 1970's to the current battle to not allow wolves and other predators to be removed from our ecosystems and lives. In the years between, I have contributed my photography to many campaigns of restoration and preservation. My work has been used to help bring creatures such as the Grizzly Bear, Bald Eagle and Wolf back from the edge of extinction in our nation. 

Today we are still faced with many conservation challenges. Possibly more than ever before as our culture sinks into only being concerned with" now" forgetting what we do now will forever alter the future."


Tamara Gooch Lee

A master of her craft Tamara has been voted one of the top 3 equine photographers in the world. Tamara was one of the first celebrated women to be included in the Desert Caballeros Museum's esteemed 2012 exhibit, "Cowgirls with a Camera". Ranch & Reata magazine named Tamara one of the top 5 photographers they have ever published. Her images have won numerous awards and have been published extensively in numerous US and international publications.  


Jeff Nichols

Guide, Instructor, Geologist, Jeff has always  been a  student of nature.  A lifelong resident of Idaho his passion is to capture his unique vision of the outdoor world. Jeff has worked closely with us for over a decade, first as a model, then assistant  and guide now leading trips for Jess Lee Photography.

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