Wyoming Cowboys and Wild Horses

August 4-10, 2019


 Wyoming Cowboys herding horses


This cowboy and wild horse workshop brings you to one of the most photogenic ranch locations in the west. The cowboys and their ranches are authentic and the horses are truly wild. This workshop will take you to some of the most scenic country in the west, the beautiful country near the historic town of Cody Wyoming which is where we will spend our first evening on this great workshop. Cody Wyoming named after it's founder, Buffalo Bill Cody. Cody is a great location with many sights and scenes to photograph. Cody will be our base for our dawn and dusk excursions into the famous McCullough Peaks Wild Horse Management area. This area has been one of our favorite locations for our photography for many years. The McCullough horses are one of the most photogenic of all the wild horse band we have found in the west with great color variation and beautiful western backgrounds. From here we will spend the first evening and the next morning with the wild Wyoming mustangs while your instructors will help to make sure your equiptment and techniquies are ready for the upcoming week of fast action western photography.

Beartooth Mts herd
Wyoming cowboy photo workshop
Cowgirl in Wyoming and dog
Wyoming Cowboys herding horses
 Wild Horse Fighting
 Wyoming mustangs
 Wyoming Wild Horse Photo Workshop
 Sunset Mustang

After the introductory first evening and morning photo shoots the next part of your workshop will be in the Beartooth Mountains along the Wyoming/Montana state line just east of Yellowstone National Park. Here you will photograph working cowboys riding broncs, roping, working cattle and going about their daily chores with a backdrop of the Beartooth Mountains  our home ranch is nestled between the lofty peaks of one of the most scenic mountain ranges in North America. Here the high country where the west still lives, you will be staying at a private guest ranch nested among the timber away from the hussle and bussle of the outside world you will sleep hearing only the sunds of the breeze whispering throught the trees or the ocasional howl of a coyote or wolf and possible the whistling call of a bull elk. This is a majestic land inhabited by Moose, Deer, Elk, Rocky Mountain Goats, Big Horn Sheep and Grizzly Bears.


Wyoming cowboy photo workshop
Cowgirls and Cowboys Wyoming
Wyoming Wild Horse photo workshop
Wyoming horses an cowboys


Each morning after a hot breakfast prepared on our schedule at the ranch we will head out to a unique location to catch the pre dawn light and the mornings activities. The morning will pass quickly and your flash cards will fill with scenes that surpass an epic western move. Each location and the activity is selected by Jess and the crew with careful planning to ensure the best and most unique images. Not only will we have a group of wranglers that are experienced cowboys and cowgirls, we will have cattle in the high country, bucking broncs with historic corrals, barns, ranch buildings, round ups and roping's. As the morning light turns harsh and the activities are over we will return to the ranch where lunch will be waiting. After lunch you will be free to take part in ranch activities for a couple of hours on your own. Possibilities include horseback riding, guided fishing or just relaxing in the beautiful Wyoming high country. We will also offer session on image processing and a private image critic. After our break we will head out again to capture more cowboy and ranch work in a location selected for awe inspiring scenery in sweet evening light. When the light is gone we will be back at the ranch where our dinner will be prepared and we can return to our cabins to prepare for tomorrow activities. 

After our time with the cowboys in the Wyoming high country we will return to Cody for the rest of our western adventure.

Itinerary (subject to change with weather)

August 4.  Our trip begins in Cody Wyoming where we will meet by 4 P.M. at our overnight lodging location (TBD) in the Historic western town of Cody Wyoming just a few miles from several bands of Wild Mustangs. After a early dinner we will head out to our first opportunity to photograph Wyomings wild horses. We will be in the field with band of Mustangs untile the last rays of light are gone behind the beartooth mountains.

August 5th. we will leave Cody well before dawn to search for the horses and capture their spirit in your images. Jess will give you insights into the herd behavior of the horses he  has dedicated many years to photographing. We will put you in the best position to to photograph and witness these unique creature as they go about their normal routine of interaction between the various herd, the lead stallions and the bachelor bands. When the soft summer morning light become harsh we will return to Cody and prepare to head out to the high country of the Beartooth Mountains. The scenic drive will take us over Sleeping Indian pass where stopping to enjoy and photograph the vista that lies ahead is a must.

After our arrival and unpacking at the K BAR Z we will have a orientation and instruction session on how to safely catch the fast action of the Cowboy life. Dinner will be family style at the K BAR Z where our cowboys will join us for a introduction to the next days activities. As the light begins to soften we will have our first cowboy photo shot with the background of the dramatic cliffs and mountains that surround this hidden jewel.

The 6th and 7th you will be saturated with working cowboys, ranches, horses and cattle all surrounded by views seen in very few places. There will be a mid day session on how to process you images. 

You will also have the opportunity to have a private image critique session with Jess. 

August 8 th after a brief morning modeling and still life shoot and breakfast at the K BAR Z we will return to Cody and get settled in our rooms. After a early dinner will head directly to the Wild Horse Range to find the beautiful Mustangs of McCullough Peaks where we will photograph until the light is gone.

August 9th we will leave Cody well before dawn to search for the horses and capture their spirit with your images. Jess will give you insight into the herd behavior of the horses they have dedicated many years to photographing. We will put you in the best position to to photograph and witness these unique creature as they go about their normal routine of interaction between the various herd, the lead stallions and the bachelor bands. Around noon we will be back in Cody for lunch and a well deserved break. Mid day will give you a chance to review your mornings work, recharge your batteries and visit the great Cody western museum on your own if you wish. Jess will be available to review images, critic and give processing suggestions. The afternoon session will begin with a early dinner and back to the wild horse ranges until last light.

The morning of the 10th we will again leave Cody well before dawn to search for the wild horses for on last chance to capture the flavor of this piece of the west. At 11 we will check out of our rooms. After a quick stop for lunch and say farewell until next time. Transposition can be provided to and from the Cody airport.


Price $3495 double. Single Supplement, $450.

Price includes guiding, lodging, instruction, ranch fees, model fees.

Meals, items of a personal nature and tips for guides and models are not included in the price.

$1000 deposit holds your place by check or Pay Pal


Any questions please email us here JessLeePhotos@gmail.com


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